Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Brookshirelyn

Brooklyn NY has about 2,500,000 million people in 70sqm
(Brooklyn is 96 square miles but some of it is water)

That’s about 35,714 people living per square mile (actually Wikipedia says 35,900 something but they may be excluding parks or something so lets just use 35,714)

The total US population is about 300,000,000 million
Using the Density of Brooklyn as a guide, all of us could fit in to an area of about 8,400 square miles

In other words if wanted to we could all move and live in the state of New Hampshire (8,969 sq miles) And have extra room for more parks (‘cause Brooklyn could use more)

And If New Hampshire were square it would be about 100 miles wide, you could ride a bike to the other side of the “country” in a day. Of course for that we’d have to get rid of all those cars and have bike highways instead, other wise the traffic would be terrible.

Take a poll, ask your friends if we all lived as dense as they do in New York (you can use "New York" as a relative stand in for Brooklyn) what state could we all fit into, I bet you'll get a lot of answers like Texas and Alaska.

(Brooklyn image from Ork Posters)