Friday, February 12, 2010

very cool!

I'm drooling!

I've done a lot of previous armchair research into housing and I'm a fan of both the cheaper cost and the atheistic of Geodesic domes and lightweight concrete construction. Binishells is sort of a combination of both. Make sure you check out the "technology" section of their site, the process is really cool, basically they lay wet concrete flat on top of flexible steel or re-barb (or something like that) then the whole thing is inflated into place using giant inflatable balloons, which stay until the concrete/structure drys.

It seems they might be the real deal too as they're at least building a prototype:

"Surface magazine has selected the Binishells prototype as its 2009 showcase home. Planned for construction in Q1 of 2010, in the Southern California desert, this LEED platinum certified home featuring the latest eco-technologies and materials, will set the bar for low impact environmental construction."

Lots of nice renderings and more info on their site.