Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shoe talking to me?

I've been thinking about the now infamous shoe throwing incident recently. I know, I know, it's almost time for it to be shewed out of our hyper fast News cycle. But sill I think there is a lot there. Does the simple fact that it was only a guy throwing a shoe, and not somebody blowing themselves up mean we've made progress? True it's a very large insult in their culture, but compared to say beheading, it seems pretty tame. And the fact that the Iraqi people are so behind him is telling too, I haven't heard anyone saying it's was good but he should of shot him! Or anything along those lines. They seem pretty happy with the shoes. Maybe we have made progress, maybe Iraq is on the up and up.

But I think this scenario is probably closer to the truth: The reporter is an Iraqi, not a terrorist, and the Iraqi people are not extremists. There are Iraqi's who have joined A.Q. in Iraq but that's mostly due to the pressures of the situation, poverty, anger, hopelessness, revenge, and many other factors. Iraq will one day stabilize, how long that will take is unknown. What we do know is that is by needless invading and occupying Iraq, despite Bush's claims of keeping us safe since 9-11 (as if we are to ignore that) he hasn't. By creating a war where there was none, and no need for one, he put many Americans in danger and 4,000 + have died. How can we call positioning ourselves in a foreign land, with little familiarity with it's culture or language, and giving the enemy perfect surroundings to hide in plain site amongst civilians, SAFE!

We can't, it's a joke, and it makes no sense. We brought this thing to their country, because of or own interests, and 90,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result. Let us be glad when this thing is over, and lets us be glad they're only throwing shoes.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pitcher of Health?

Welch's grape juice has a new commercial out touting the grape juice's health benefits. What's funny to me is though the guy in the commercial is telling us about how healthy and great grape juice is, he hardly looks healthy himself. He has a terrible hair line and near zombie like features and skin. Props to Welch's for keeping it real I guess, but I would've thought they would have used some young, healthy looking guy instead, interesting.

For the record, I love Welch's.