Friday, February 20, 2009

Mini Manhattan

For the first time today, I took a good look at the Manhattan Mini Storage logo. I've seen it many times before,—I'm sure all us New Yorkers have as their ads are all over the subway. Anyway I noticed today that the little illustrative changes in the type that turn the letters into buildings, are geographically accurate. From left to right I'm pretty sure they are meant to represent the bank at 53rd street (Citigroup Center, Uptown) with the angled roof, in the middle of course is the Empire State building (midtown), and the two t's represent what where the twin towers (downtown). I'm pretty sure it was created pre-9/11. Of course this would be representing the city as seen from the Jersey side, but hey I'm not going to nit pick, it wouldn't work as well from the Brooklyn/Queens perspective with the word Manhattan.