Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Money, Money, Money?

The barriers to what one "wants to do" or "wishes could do" are often money. Financial freedom allows one to do many things, including going to college and or getting other higher education. But if one want to remove barriers as much as possible, one should endeavor to change ones wants and wishes, ones needs and desires, into things that are free or cost little money.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some stats from the 5th

Looking over the results at NYtimes.com, I found the following interesting. Every county in New England save one in Maine went Blue. The one county McCain won in Maine, 9,215 voted (95% reporting) and it was decided by about 4% or 355 votes. In comparison in 2004 Bush won 1 county in CT, 1 in VT, 4 in NH, and 2 in ME (none in MA or RI), although he lost each state. Anyway just saying proud of good old New England this time around.

The other thing Found interesting was poking around to see which counties Obama won by highest percentage wise. The most lop sided one I could find was DC, with 93% going for Obama. Another county in MD had 88.9% for Obama. Other top performers: NYC: Bronx with 88% Manhattan with 85%, Brooklyn with 79%, and Queens with 75%, Staten Island actually went to McCain, with 52% they are the odd borough out. Baltimore went 87.5% for Obama, New Orleans 79%, Atlanta 79%, Boston 77% In Hawaii Oahu went 69% Obama while every other Island went for Obama at about 75%. Last but not least the town I grew up in, Norwich CT went 65% for Obama, and my new county, Westchester came in at about 63%.

On the McCain side I'm not that interested and it would take a while to look troll through all the tiny red Counties, I did see one in north Texas that went 92% for McCain, but that's based on about 3,000 votes so it's got to be a sparsely populated place.