Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Money, Money, Money?

The barriers to what one "wants to do" or "wishes could do" are often money. Financial freedom allows one to do many things, including going to college and or getting other higher education. But if one want to remove barriers as much as possible, one should endeavor to change ones wants and wishes, ones needs and desires, into things that are free or cost little money.

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Anonymous said...

A huge part of the problem is our culture of stuff. The propaganda that we all need so much to be happy~we are bombarded from every possible media, in visual clues to written word~constantly. There is an old saying that partly goes Money can't buy you love thats grown cold or your youth when you're old....The most important things in life are 'free', but that is not to say they come w/o a cost. Sounds like you have an awareness that one doesn't get till much later & sometimes not at all. Good for you.