Monday, June 04, 2007

Urban Vs Rural

A basic choice. If you grow up in the suburbs your kind of stuck deciding between the two. Most people who live in suburbs either don't make very much money and have service economy jobs, or they are older and are doing pretty good and probably have moved after living in a city for a number of years. For an example take the NYC metro area. There are rings of affordability radiating from Manhattan, of course they aren't perfectly even but still. First you have Manhattan Jersey city, Expensive Brooklyn, Queens. A little further out and you have the Bronx, Newark, the bad parts of brooklyn, and LI? I admit I barley know anything about Long Island. Then a little beyond that you have very expensive areas of New York, CT, and Jersey, Places where it's still an easy commute. Then just a little further it gets cheaper again, but the commute is a lot harder, the areas ranging from underdeveloped to somewhere in between good and bad. It's kind of a commuter nether region. The kind of place one moves to and after awhile tries to find a job somewhere other than the city, or decides to suck it up and move back. At least that how it seems to me. The ironic part of this is, I would like a small piece of land for cheap, close enough to NYC to commute. I'd just like to build a tiny house, tiny. But this is impossible. I can either have a small piece of land near NYC for astronomical prices, and not be able to afford anything else. Or I can have 50acres in the country but no good tranportation or job options.

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