Thursday, July 12, 2007

3rd world and the 3R's

I think third world countries and countries like India are in a much better position to change then us. The reason of course is because the US is a society of disposability, More and more of the things in our lives are one use only. More and more things last less and less, and more and more advertising encourages us to think out with the old, in with the new. In a way this makes life interesting, it keeps things fresh, allows us to be mobile etc. But in most cases it just creates more garbage and encourages us to want more! more! more! instant gratification. It makes us less patient, less caring, and less creative. The 3rd world has a different mindset. They know the value of things, mostly because they are poor. People in other countries get more use out of everything than we do here. 3rd worlders are more self reliant, they still have skills to build things for themselves, and fix things for themselves. And so I think in the near future, when 3rd world countries make pro-environmental changes, they will have a much easier time of it. It will make sense to them. They understand recycling; and using less to achieve more. For us, it's a totally different mindset.

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Anonymous said...

I understand where your thoughts are coming from, but do u believe the poor 3rd World countries will be responsible enough to their citizens to create a less disposable life? With millions of people~mostly uneducated~mostly in survival mode do u really think their government is going spend more money or take the easy way out?