Thursday, April 17, 2008

Discovery Pizza

No it's not a pizza with surprise toppings hidden in the crust or something, It's a discovery I made the other day while Getting a few slices at the local parlor. I've gotten pizza 500, if not a thousand times before, and most of the time I stop to season said slices with Parmesan cheese. I love how the grated cheese gets in the cracks and soaks up the orange pools of grease. Anyway, If your like me using the cheese shaker can be a challenge, after a few quick shakes the holes on the shaker usually get clogged. Resulting in a reset motion that turns the shaker right side up again so you can shake some more ('cause the first little bit you get is never enough). But on this fine day I made a great discovery my friends, one only needs to hold the shaker at a 90 degree angle to avoid clogging, and steady flow of cheese can be evenly distributed across your slice. Ummm taste the time saved, taste the mastering of the art of eating pizza, taste the cheese.

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