Friday, October 30, 2009

One location for the Olympics!

The world has just gone through another round of Summer Olympics location competition. The summer games are by far the largest and most costly of the Olympics. There have been approximately 42 contests since the modern Olympics started in 1896 and the countries that have been lucky enough to host have enjoyed it there’s no doubt. But It’s 2009 and for the world to fight climate change we have to make sacrifices, we all agree on that. I’m not saying we shouldn’t hold the Olympics anymore, which I’m sure some would call for, not at all, the Olympics and the world cup, are the only two events of large scale where the world comes together for something peaceful and average citizens actually care. Yes politics usually make it in somewhere, but by in large I think the Olympics are a positive event for the world to share. What I purpose is that one neutral location be chosen and used every four years, over and over again. The amount that nations spend when they hold the Olympics just seems wasteful and irresponsible. Much better things could be done in the world with that money, fighting a number of problems. But I believe the biggest motivation for this change is the environmental cost. The enormous amount of construction is hugely damaging to the environment. Viewed from a far it seems silly and suicidal to keep building new stadiums and the Olympic village every four years. With the next Olympics held in Brazil the Olympics will have taken place in Every continent except Africa, which is one reason why it seems a logical choice to permanently house the Olympics.

An African country given an economy.
The Western world, which are the true purveyors of the Olympics, have left the 3rd world behind. Perhaps nowhere more then Africa. So,
Just think If a Small African country was chosen as the future site of all summer games. Such a boost would transform the country and with the summer Olympics there every 4 years it might be enough to keep the economy going for decades. Instead of building new disposable Olympic villages every 4 years, why not build one permanently sustainable Olympic City. Instead of new stadiums, roads and airports every four years, we could build them once - in a place that could really use them, a place where an upgrade in infrastructure would mean a real increase in the quality of life for its citizens and would really stimulate growth. Plus with only one location for the Olympics, a tourism market would have a good chance for growth in the off years.

We don’t have to give up the idea of the host.
Different countries could still be the “host’ every 4 years and have the chance to have their people and culture highlighted just like we currently do now. With all the money saved on construction, host countries could instead fund good will projects like water projects, solar projects, education. The Olympics do this already but on a much smaller scale than what could be. Additionally with the role of host being significantly less challenging, it would be easier for smaller, underrepresented, and developing counties to play host.

The Olympics are a source of pride for host countries, and if such a move was made there would be lots of outcry against it, mostly because people would think it’s unfair for a variety of reasons each unique to them. But fairness with the Summer Olympics location will never be achieved, the USA has hosted 4 summer games, there are currently 204 member countries, for each to host 4 times and have everybody be equal it would take 3,000 years; so let it go. It’s time for the worlds countries to think about what we can sacrifice so we can have a less negative, and a more positive impact on our environment and our future. The Olympics are a perfect example. The level of competition would not change, and despite what some would say, I don’t believe our excitement level would change, hopefully the only change would be a better Summer Games. Of course the IOC won’t do this on there own, they are corrupt and self interested. It would only be possible given enough outside pressure. If it seems an impossible fight, just remember the Olympic Creed:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well”


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"Olympic city" just sounds way too cool. Like the newest hideout for the Justice League or something. Neat idea! I like that, that's for sharing(0: